Why E-Cigarette Retailers Are Popular With Thieves & How You Can Stay Protected

E-cigarettes are increasingly big business and while they represent a great opportunity for businesses, they also make them a target for thieves.

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E-cigarettes are increasingly big business and while they represent a great opportunity for businesses, the newfound popularity of vaping also makes them a target for thieves.

E-cigarettes are seemingly everywhere at the moment, with major retailers stocking them and countless businesses dedicated entirely to selling them appearing up and down the UK. There’s a high demand for e-cigarettes but because of this, there’s also a high demand from thieves as well.

A typical e-cigarette kit can retail for about £50, is very small, and is very easy to resell. E-cigarettes, liquids, batteries, tanks and atomizers are all very popular which makes these items desirable for thieves, who can either keep these stolen goods for their own personal use, or resell them online at a discounted price for an easy profit.

Without the correct in-store security measures it can be fairly easy for an opportunistic customer to pocket something like an e-cigarette or atomizer but the bigger threat comes from carefully planned, large-scale robberies. An e-cigarette retailer in Cardiff recently experienced a robbery where a large number of e-cigarettes, liquids, battery packs and chargers were stolen. All of these items are quite small and valuable for their size, making it easy for the thieves to walk out with a significant value of stolen goods, while their popularity means that criminals to resell their ill-gotten wares without too much difficulty.

For these reason it is crucial that if you sell e-cigarettes and other related products you take security very seriously. Make sure you operate CCTV, have a burglar alarm, and keep your more expensive products and equipment in a locked and secure display case. You also need to make sure that you have an insurance policy in place that correctly covers you for the goods you stock so that if the worst does happen, you are not left out of pocket.

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